My life

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My name is Daniela Cardozo Luna

I was born in Girardot

I live in the block I house 7 ciudadela cafasur

My mom name is Martha Lucia Luna

My mom is housewife

My Dad name is omar Ivan Cardozo

My dad is treasurer

My brother brother

my pet is a dog and his dark Bruno name

I like eating pasta with chicken

I will study infantile pedagogics in the university of the Tolima in Ibagué

My personality

I am a tolerant person and occasionally a little envious with people who did not fall ill

Sometimes I am a bit cranky but I like to be always happy

my favorite sport is the swimming

My team of football favorite this is selection Colombia

I am of him afraid to the snakes

This is my family

My friends

output to naranjos

output to ibagué

visit to the university of Tolima and two shopping centers

the country that me like know this is Francia